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I was oredering a sub today at splendour forum mall jasola shop number 29 new delhi. The person who was making the sub was very rude. 1 st of all i had to wait for him to take my order eventhough there was no one ordering. Then he took my order after asking 2-3 times. It looked like he was forced to make the sub and wasnt there by choice. Then after all this drama he started making the sub put very less olives when i asked to put little more olive he directly denied. and he says he can put only this much. And then his fellows also joined the party saying if you want more you will have to pay for extra and started arguing eventhough i was least interested in any. I just wanted my sub and leave. Which finally i got after all this experience.Well subway has lost 1 customer for sure. the chains like subway should consider about their customers otherwise soon they will not have any. i will not forget this experience of asking little olives from subway.

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So so disappointed by this outlet of one of my favourite eat out places. Calous attitude of those serving,, and no regard for vegetarians!
Gloves were being used across meat and vegetables, and to top it off they were used in a manner to keep the hands of the person making the sandwich clean and not to maintain the hygiene of the food being served.
Does Subway even has any quality control or overview of the kind of outlets that are geared up to make you sick (literally)
Paid for my sandwich but did not eat it. Could not eat it.
Change the vender if you want me to revisit, else you have lost one loyal customer.


Ground Floor Atrium, Splendor Forum, Jasola, New Delhi

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