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IF Rating 4.0

This place is awesome and a must visit for every food mongers. I knew about the quality of food here as i had ordered food several times via zomato. But I was surprised by the quantity of all the starter Items I got in their veg platter, which is enough for 4 people or 3 depending on their apetite. I would suggest to go for the veg platter if you are indecisive what to order for the starters because they have plenty in their starters and all of them are just yummy and you would wanna taste them all. I also got 2 complimentary cold drinks of my choice this scheme may not be in future. Apart from these I also ordered Paneer butter masala and breads and I assure you people, the food was damn tasty.
I want to request KAKE-DA-HOTEL, please don’t lower your quality and quantity as many other hotels do when they are advertised and well developed.

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C18, Sector 18, Noida

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